Stars Say Seguin's Calf, Not Achilles Kept Him Off the Ice

Now that it's over, the Dallas Stars revealed that it wasn't a second Achilles injury that kept Tyler Seguin on the bench the final month of the regular season -- instead, he badly hurt his calf in the one postseason game he played against the Wild.

"Is that a result of the Achilles? We don't know. We think it is just because of the way everything heals up, different dynamics, the muscles fire different," said Stars General Manager Jim Nill.

"To be honest I didn't really know I had calf muscles until I got hurt," Seguin said, laughing. "So it's something this summer I can work on and try get those defined a little bit."

If the Stars would have advanced, Seguin believes he'd be available for the back half of the next Western Conference Finals. Instead, his season is over and the sour taste lingers of helplessly watching his team lose to the St. Louis Blues without him.

"I wanted to be back in there so badly, but there wasn't really any much talk of me playing against St. Louis," Seguin said. "Over the last few days, and really the day before Game 7, I kind of got the first, 'You could be probably 10 days away.' Until then, there wasn't much of a timeline given to me with muscles."

Had Seguin been good to go, head coach Lindy Ruff thinks the series may have gone differently.

"If you give Tyler a couple of those opportunities that some of our players had, he doesn't miss. That's just what he is, he's a dynamic goal scorer," said Ruff.

Seguin's off-season begins the same way the season ended, with rehab. The Stars forward is confident his injuries will be 100 percent healthy soon and he's anxious for training camp to begin this fall.

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