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Stabbing Victim's Family Pleads for Answers

The family of a Garland man stabbed to death is pleading for justice.

Wednesday, Carrollton police released a sketch of the man suspected of killing 34-year old Arnold Pinilla.

Police say last month, Pinilla and his girlfriend ordered a Lyft ride after a night of dancing at a Carrollton restaurant.

The man who picked them up, police say, was an imposter who led the couple to believe he was a Lyft driver so they would get in the car.

"They quickly realized they weren't in the right car and an argument ensued and it ended with Arnold's death in the street,” Carrollton Police Spokesperson Jolene DeVito said.

Wednesday, roses marked the spot on Myers Street where Pinilla was stabbed and left for dead.

Surveillance video shows the vehicle of interest – a white, 4-door sedan with a sunroof and tan cloth interior, possibly a 2000-2006 Nissan Altima.

Pinilla’s mother, Esperanza Balaguera, says the last time she saw her son, she kissed him goodbye.

“I know he loved me so much because he always tell me 'you are the only woman that understands me, mom,'” she said.

The family hopes seeing the individual’s sketch will spark someone’s memory of the person who’s causing them so much pain.

“He has to pay for what he did because even though nothing will bring her son back, he needs to pay for what he did. You don't do that to a person,” Pinilla’s sister Claudia Reyes said.

The man is described as Hispanic in his mid-30s with a light complexion, standing approximately five-feet three-inches to 5-feet six-inches tall, with a slender build. He speaks primarily Spanish with a coastal dialect, possibly from the Caribbean.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call North Texas Crime Stoppers 1-877-373-8477. A $5,000 reward is being offered.

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