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Springtown Man Sentenced to 70 Years for Branding Girlfriend With Belt Buckle

David Minze

A Parker County man was sentenced to 70 years in prison for branding his girlfriend on her buttocks with his belt buckle, prosecutors said.

David Shawn Minze, 39, of Springtown, was tried as a habitual offender. He had six previous felony convictions, according to court records.

During the trial, the victim testified that Minze assaulted her by choking her, smothering her with a pillow and cutting pieces of her clothing with a scissors, according to prosecutors.

He then picked up his belt buckle, with the letter "S," heated it with a lighter and branded her on the upper buttocks. Minze goes by his middle name Shawn.

"The branding was his way to show her that he was the dominant person in this relationship and express his ownership of her, like you would with cattle," said assistant district attorney Abby Placke.

The crime occurred in Springtown in December.

"The jurors in this case did a great job in telling the abusers that live among us that Parker County citizens take these cases seriously," said assistant district attorney Jeff Swain.

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