Spray-Painting Vandals Terrorize Neighborhood

More than 10 vehicles were vandalized with profanity in the Kessler Plaza neighborhood in North Oak Cliff on Monday night.

Residents said vehicles, portions of the sidewalk, front doors and even fences were tagged with red spray paint.

"When I saw it, I felt violated," said Nola Rae Smith, resident.

Some of the images include swastikas and curse words.

"The 'F' word was said many times. The 'B' word was said many times," Smith said.

Dallas police are investigating the incident, but said it is not a hate crime because all of the victims are from different ethnic backgrounds.

Some victims, such as Sebastian Montgomery, said they were frustrated.

"They got the tail lights on both sections, highlighted our Nissan medallion," he said.

Montgomery said he has have to come up with the money to remove the spray paint himself.

"I'm just going to look online to see if there's any methods to get it off," he said. "If not, I'll take it to the shop to get it off. It's a senseless thing to do."

Members of the city streets department have also been out in the neighborhood to try and figure out how to clean the spray paint off the sidewalks.

The area hit includes Alco Avenue, Marvin Road, Plymouth Road and Cavender Street.

"The only thing that we can do as citizens is just keep vigilant," said Smith. "Do the best to report suspicious activity. Do not be afraid to call the police."

Police said they do not have any suspects in the case, but said juveniles could be to blame for the vandalism.

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