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Sports Analyst, Dallas Mavericks Fan Talks Mavs Resurgence

Mike Bacsik of 105.3 The Fan thinks the Mavs should not be underestimated

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Dallas Mavericks fans are on a high after a game seven win that even some of the most committed fans didn’t see coming.

Now, fans cannot contain their excitement. They’ve been hopeful, longsuffering, and loyal. Many feel they’ve earned the right to rejoice.

Mike Bacsik is sports talk radio host for 105.3 The Fan and Ranger Live Sports Analyst on Valley Sports Southwest.

“I think that this is a sports town,” Bacsik said. “We love sports, we love winners, and we haven’t had one in a long time.”

If anyone understands why fans are on such a high, it’s Bacsik. He’s been a diehard Dallas Mavericks fan for decades. He remembers the Rolando Blackman days, whose trading card is one of his most valued sports possessions.

“This is really special in that it’s been a long time now,” he said. “In sports, a long time is ten plus years, and eleven years since the Mavs won a playoff. It feels like we’re relevant again in the NBA.”

Bacsik experienced game six with his family, witnessing the Mavs force a victorious game 7. Attending games is a bonding experience that started with his granddad.

“Getting to be the dad now and taking my kids to the games is kind of this full circle of I was the kid lucky enough to have a granddad who has tickets,” he said. “Now I’m the dad who’s figuring out away, at least in the first two rounds, to get tickets.”

He says if we’ve learned anything, it’s not to underestimate this team.

“I didn’t pick the Mavericks to beat the Phoenix Suns. I am picking the Mavericks to beat the Golden State Warriors,” he said. “I think the Mavericks are the Warriors' kryptonite.”

The Dallas Mavericks face the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 on Wednesday, May 18.

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