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It’s official: 2016 was the hottest year on record. That’s bad news for the earth’s future. Rising global temperatures portend a series of interrelated environmental catastrophes, namely: receding glaciers, rising oceans, and more extreme weather patterns, from crop-killing droughts in some regions to severe rain and fooding in others.

Fortunately, however, we don’t need to sit down and accept this fate. There are plenty of ways for people to get involved in a collective effort to curb our carbon footprints, thereby reducing our effects on climate change.

Even better? Going green doesn't have to be a life-altering transition. It's good for the planet, your health, and even your wallet. All it takes is informing yourself and then acting on that information.

That’s why Earth Day Texas is here to help, plus provide a lot of fun along the way. Taking place from April 21-23 at Fair Park, the free festival will feature everything from scuba diving lessons and environmental films to a hack-a-thon and a sustainable food market (replete with a craft beer garden!).

So what are the highlights that you don't want to miss? Below are a few sure to ignite the environmentalist in everyone. 

Watch as international teams of students and technology professionals design solutions to solve real environmental issues plaguing the world today. Come wander through EARTHACK Central and listen in as great minds work!

Scuba Dive at Fair Park
Dive in to help our rapidly warming ocean at “Go Dive Now Pool,” a 20’x30’ mobile pool where attendees may try out scuba diving with certified instructors. Attendees must bring their own swimsuits, but dressing rooms, towels and all the newest diving equipment including wetsuits and fins are provided.

Sit back and relax while you learn what you can do for our environment at EARTHxFilm, a festival of 35 groundbreaking environmental films and 50 screenings (both indoor and outdoor). Among them is RANCHER, FARMER, FISHERMAN, directed by Susan Froemke and John Hoffman and screened at the Sundance Film Festival in January to critical acclaim.

Tiny Houses
Learn how to reduce your lifestyle footprint by exploring two villages of tiny houses. Saturday and Sunday Tiny House Collaborative will host workshops about tiny house communities and their growing popularity across the country. Two of the houses will also be for sale! 

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Odyssey
Sustainable transportation is key to keeping the world green. To help ensure a clean, secure energy future, numerous alternative fuel vehicles will be on display at EDTX, plus you can hear industry speakers and attend workshops and presentations on alternative fuel vehicles.

Savor Dallas Sustainable Food Market and Beer Garden
Come hungry! Savor Dallas Sustainable Food Market and Beer Garden will be on site along with several local vegetarian chefs and restaurants to keep your body focused on sustainability and health. With music, tree climbing, yoga and more, the weekend will be one to remember.

Earth Day Texas is the world’s largest Earth Day event. Join the environmental movement that the world needs right now, unobstructed by politics and fueled by your community. To learn more visit

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