Spence Jr., USA Boxing Give a “Gym Makeover” to an Irving Facility

Errol Spence Jr. teamed up with Sting Sports and Team USA to provide new gear to an Irving gym

Boxing's next big thing helped reveal a gym makeover to boxing's next generation.

World title contender and former Olympian Errol Spence Jr. and 2016 Olympic boxer Shakur Stevenson joined forces with Sting Sports and USA Boxing for a special ceremony.

They provided the Irving PAL boxing gym with dozens of new punching bags, gloves and head gear which it desperately needed.

"When I was a kid, I was using raggedy gear, raggedy shoes, just using whatever was in the gym. It's a great opportunity for them just to get new stuff, and train with new stuff. It's great," says Spence Jr.

"We use these [Sting Sports gear] in the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. So, they're about to use some of the same stuff that we use, and we're Olympians," says Stevenson.

For Spence, promoting boxing to today's youth is important. He never had a local star mentor to provide gear for the next generation of fighters.

"This is the future that's coming up and hopefully fighting in the Olympics and winning gold medals for us. I didn't have much support except for my family members growing up and fighting in Dallas. You know, just give them support and encouragement so they can come our future champions and future Olympians."

Shakur and Spence Jr. both have critical fights coming up. Shakur obviously has the Olympics, and Spence Jr. will face Leonard Bundu on NBC in August. If Spence Jr. wins, he'll get a world title fight.

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