Speedy Placement With Family Critical For Teenage Migrants: Expert

To avoid any further emotional trauma, it is vital that the teens remain in Dallas for as short a period as possible says an expert

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For the first migrant teenagers arriving in Dallas, communication will be a key factor in their expedited re-location with family members as they navigate the extended legal process of filing for residency.

“It is all about getting them with family and getting them out of Dallas, getting them out of the border and into the lives of their family needs to be priority one,” said Dr. Bob Sanborn, President and CEO of child advocacy group ‘Children at Risk.’

Sanborn believes to avoid any further emotional trauma, that it is vital that the teens remain in Dallas for as short a period as possible.

“First off they are traumatized by this journey and then to be caught up in administrative red tape is really a nightmare for these young kids,” said Sanborn.

A handful of local nonprofits and faith groups have already begun collecting volunteers who can speak Spanish and will help translate.

“I can relate to feeling different, or not the only one, or not belonging here,” said volunteer Angelica Montenez, who herself immigrated from Mexico.

Montenez will join at least 70-other volunteers from Dallas Area Interfaith which is ready to begin assisting as soon as federal and local officials give the go-ahead.

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