Texas Motor Speedway

Speedway Campers Prepared for Wet Weather Ahead of NASCAR Playoffs

The Autotrader EchoPark Automotive 500 is Sunday at Texas Motor Speedway

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Racing fans started rolling into Texas Motor Speedway Tuesday ahead of the NASCAR Playoffs this weekend. They'll see some wet weather before drivers hit the track.

Some of the first campers to put down stakes explained how they're staying weather aware leading up to the main events.

Race weekend kicks off an annual tradition for Ronnie McClendon and his crew.

“We consider ourselves family out here. We've been together since '97,” McClendon said.

Before McClendon and his friends cheer on their favorite drivers on race day they'll have to get through a few rainy days. Something they've done several times over the years.

“We've been out here in April when it snowed. We've had rain. We've had everything going,” George Janvier said.

Al and Janice Long follow NASCAR races across the country. They said they’ve learned to bring clothing for all occasions.

"Shorts to rain suits to heavy jackets. Just bring it all, because you never know,” Al Long said.

If the rain get gets too intense, the couple said they’ll grab their dog, Maggie May, and hunker down inside their RV. If wind gusts reach 50 mph as they did on Sunday, the Longs said they could feel it sway.

“You feel that, we’ll definitely feel that,” Janice Long said.

Many of the spectators said they can deal with the wind and rain but if things pick up, Speedway officials will send a warning message to their cell phones. Track officials said they have emergency plans for the drivers and fans on standby.

"We'll have people roaming through, making sure everybody's taken care of but the people that are out this early, They're diehards. They’ve been through some things. They've been through some weather and they're usually very well prepared,” said David Hart, vice president of public relations for Texas Motor Speedway.

McClendon said ever since the campground added gravel, they haven't had to sludge through the mud during rainy weather. He said he and his friends plan to stick out any storms on the campground together.

“They're saying tomorrow, and Thursday are the bad days. Friday, we'll be ready to cook,” McClendon said.

The group said they have their tables and coolers ready for beautiful weather, beer and barbecue. The Speedway is expecting roughly 1,800 campers between the groups outside and on the infield this week. There's a barbecue showdown scheduled for Friday night and a camper shindig with live music on Saturday.

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