Special-Needs Kids Lose Baseball Gear

Arson blamed for fire at ball field

by Bruce Felps

Somebody just contracted a serious case of bad karma.

An arsonist — either through jerk-standard malice or thick-headed stupidity — earlier this week set a trashcan fire in a women’s restroom at Miracle Field in Arlington’s Randol Mill Park. The fire destroyed the restroom and a closet contained therein.

The closet stored baseball equipment used by teams of special-needs kids who play ball at the field, and yeah, happy Christmas, kids.

The fire also took out the concession area and the public address system, according to a KRLD-AM (1080) report.

Gina Davis, who serves as a league official and has a daughter who plays in the league, said in the story the PA was the greatest loss because the kids really dig hearing their names announced over the speakers, and if that doesn’t tug at the heartstrings you are probably getting a lump in the stocking.

In yet another case of decent people cleaning up the messes left by unthinking or uncaring idiots, some support already started streaming in. Dick’s Sporting Goods donated some ball equipment, but the cost of replacing the restroom, concession stand, and PA likely will exceed $600,00. Contact Davis to help.

"This is a place where a kid that won't normally get embraced or have the ability to join a sports team of any sort can come out and be just a kid playing ball," Davis said the article.

Bruce Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He’s never seen these kids play baseball but he has watched a hockey game played by kids in wheelchairs because of multiple sclerosis. That stuff will touch you.

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