Brian Roth

Special Glasses Filter Blue Light From Device Screens

You can also buy blue-light filter screens for your computer

Blue light filter glasses are an option more people are turning to if they spend hours in front of the computer.

Dr. Syed Ahmad with Baylor, Scott & White Health said studies on blue light filter glasses are inconclusive, yet he still suggests them for some patients.

"The concerns about how much blue light is too much is still something we’re trying to figure out," Ahmad said.

He said patients often come in complaining about dry eyes, migraines and an inability to focus if they have jobs where they stare at a computer screen all day. After an eye exam, he’ll often recommend trying the glasses if a patient has a predisposition to those issues.

"Between taking breaks, using drops and blue light filters I think those are good starting points," Ahmad said.

He suggests purchasing blue light filter glasses through an eye doctor to avoid the confusion on what to look for online. Those who already use prescription glasses can get blue light filters added to the lenses.

Ahmad also recommends purchasing blue light filter screens for your computer if you don’t want to wear glasses all day.

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