SPCA of Texas Granted Custody of 58 Animals Seized From Alleged Puppy Mill In Van Zandt County

The SPCA of Texas received custody of 58 animals seized from an alleged puppy mill in Van Zandt County.

The owner of the animals seized agreed to relinquish custody of the animals.

The SPCA seized 35 dogs and 25 puppies from a property near Honey Grove on March 14. Two of the puppies believed to be 3- to 4-weeks-old passed away after being removed. One had a birth defect and the other had a severe infestation of parasites and an intestinal virus.

The animals had were living in urine soaked and feces-filled crates with no access to food or water. 

Rescuers discovered 12 animals deceased, including one adult dog and eleven puppies, that had been individually wrapped in plastic bags and stuck in the kitchen freezer, according to the SPCA. 

The animals' owner told Van Zandt County Sheriff investigators they were selling the dogs for profit, the SPCA said. All large-scale breeders in Texas are required by law to be licensed, and at this time, it's still unclear if this owner had a license.

The animals appeared to be suffering from various health issues, including fur loss, long nails, eye issues, ear issues, matted fur and more, according to the SPCA of Texas. The SPCA of Texas will individually evaluate the animals for adoption or placement on a case by case of basis.

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