‘Spark' Comparing DNA With Hopes of Understanding Autism

Doctors in Michigan say a new research project could help them find individual treatments for people with autism.

The study, called Spark, uses DNA in saliva to compare and identify genetic markers to better understand and provide treatments for the disorder.

"Having a better understanding of the genetic causes of autism may lead to the development of targeted treatments (medical and behavioral). SPARK aims to help people with autism live their fullest lives possible," a Spark spokeswoman said.

Spark has been around for about two years and officials with the project said they need a lot of people to participate.

"The second goal is to identify genetic profiles in families with autism and use that information over time build individual care for people with autism," said Dr. Latha Soorya, clinical psychologist.

If you would like to submit DNA for research purposes, visit sparkforautism.org.

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