Southwest Airlines Rolls-Out New Digital Signs at Love Field

With airport travel peaking on Monday, the start of the work week means business travel is in full swing.

Southwest Airlines, as part of its customer service innovation, added new digital signs at Love Field as part of a pilot program to help keep travelers on-time for their flight.

There are nine different ways the signs and information will help travelers. They are displayed in different areas of the airport.

“One is called the FID “Flight Information Destination Board” and it has all the information for all the flights going on in the airport,” said Heather Figallo, senior director of innovation and labs for Southwest Airlines.

“We have a gate overview board that just shows what’s happening at all 10 of the gates. And within each gate we have different signs that will show you how full the flight is, how to find connections and what gates those go to, how to find baggage, bathrooms, food, and snacks,” said Figallo.

“We all want to be on time, we all want to be safe, we all want to be low cost. So we’re really working on those innovations that bring our customers and employees together to work on the same goals,” said Figallo.

If there is continued positive customer feedback, Southwest Airlines could put the signs in other airports throughout the country. 

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