Southwest Airlines Returns Lost Buzz Lightyear to Two-Year-Old With a Special Surprise

'To infinity (or Little Rock) and beyond!'

Buzz Lightyear toy in front of a Southwest plane
Southwest Airlines

When 2-year-old Hagen Davis, left his toy Buzz Lightyear on the plane to Dallas, it was just another addition to the hard day the Davis family was experiencing.

The family had lost a family member and were forced to buy tickets within 24 hours to get to Dallas to attend the funeral, according to a Facebook post from Ashley Davis.

After getting off the Southwest flight and getting in the rental car to head to their destination, the Davis family realized they were missing Buzz, Hagen's beloved toy.

The plane the Davis' arrived on had already departed to Little Rock, Arkansas with Buzz in tow- but little did the Davis' know, it was just a small detour for Buzz until he found his way back home.

Jason, a Ramp Agent at LIT, found Buzz with an unfamiliar name on the bottom of his boot: Hagen. Jason searched and found the name belonged to only one person who had been on the plane that day and decided to get Buzz back to him in a way only a space ranger would return.

A week after the Davis' arrived back home, they received a special package with Hagen Davis' name on it.

To their surprise, Buzz was back with pictures of his adventure in the Little Rock Airport and a note about his special mission and his goal to return home.

The two-year-old was elated and the Davis family grateful for the piece of love shared in a difficult season.

“There’s definitely not enough good in this world, and for someone to take the time out of their day to do that for strangers means the world to us," Ashley Davis said.

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