Southwest Airlines Pilot Caught in Expletive-Filled Rant Over California

A Southwest Airlines spokeswoman says the behavior was “inconsistent with the professional behavior and overall respect that we require from our employees”

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A Southwest Airlines pilot was caught on a public air traffic control frequency as he went on an expletive-filled rant over California complaining about liberals, Hyundai drivers and touting the merits of “rolling coal.”

The pilot, whom Southwest would not identify, was caught on a hot mike that was picked up by an air traffic control frequency over San Jose on March 13. The unusual rant was posted to LiveATC, a website for aviation radio enthusiasts.

“This situation was an isolated incident involving a single employee and not representative of the nearly 60,000 hard-working, respectful people of Southwest Airlines,” Southwest Airlines spokeswoman Brandy King told The Dallas Morning News. “We do not publicly discuss employee matters, but we are fully addressing the situation internally.”

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