Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Adds In-Flight Music Streaming

After offering free live TV, Internet and texting, Southwest Airlines are now offering free music streaming.

Passengers can use their own devices to log onto Southwest’s onboard entertainment portal and listen to Beats by Dre pre-selected music playlists.

“We know that music is a passion for a lot of people," Krone said. “We always connect people to what’s important in their lives, and we know that along the way you want have a great experience.”

There are 178 playlists currently uploaded, including a variety of genres, mixes and artists. Passengers can choose a pre-selected playlist — including '70s, '80s, top-40 and more — or select a mood to have Beats choose one.

“There’s about 3000 songs, so a customer can find anything they’re in the mood for," Southwest Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Krone said

Southwest's planes with Wi-Fi on board, nearly 500 or about 80 percent, offer the music selection.

The service is free for passengers, but users must enter an email address that Southwest will share with Beats by Dre after three free songs.

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