Southlake Police Warn Citizens About Dangers of Speeding Using Video of High-Speed Crash

None of the officers or the occupants of the car, including three children, were injured or killed

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Southlake police are warning citizens to slow down on highways and roads, and they are using a video of a high-speed crash last year to do it.

According to police, the crash occurred on Sept. 12, 2020, in the parking lot of the Regions Bank alongside Texas Highway 114.

Police said Officer Mueller pulled a car over west of Carroll Avenue and called for a cover officer in an effort to ensure the driver was able to drive.

The officer got the driver out of the vehicle and began checking her eyes a few feet away from the car while the cover officer, Cpl. Ellis, went over to the car and talked with the three young kids in the back seat, police said.

A third officer, Officer Carlson, was scanning traffic with his radar on Texas Highway 112 when a burgundy Chevrolet Tahoe drove past him going 97 mph, 32 mph over the posted limit.

Carlson began to pursue the Tahoe, but the Tahoe exited Carroll Avenue and was still speeding.

According to police, Sgt. Sewell was working across the highway when he heard about the speeding Tahoe on his radio. He watched as the Tahoe ran the red light at Carroll and Highway 114, almost crashing into another car, police said. 

Police said Sewell announced the reckless driving over his radio.

Ellis, who was chatting with the three children in the back seat of the car in the Regions Bank parking lot, heard Sewell's warning about the speeding Tahoe and knew it was very close to their traffic stop.

In the video, Ellis can be seen turning around and looking toward Carroll Drive for several seconds before making a last second jump out of the way.

According to police, the Tahoe driver lost control and rolled over into the traffic stop, crashing onto the car where Ellis stood moments before.

Police said officers ran to get the children out of the car and make sure they were alright before checking on the driver of the Tahoe, who had been ejected out the front window, police said.

According to police, the officers performed CPR on the driver of the Tahoe, and he was rushed to the hospital.

The driver is still undergoing medical treatment, and no charges have been filed at this time, police said.

Southlake police said they are thankful that none of the officers or the occupants of the car, including the three children, were injured or killed.

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