Southlake Police Hope to Reunite Woman With Missing Ring Containing Son's Ashes

Woman says she lost two rings in Trader Joe's parking lot in Southlake, one contained her son's ashes

missing rings
Southlake DPS

Southlake Police are hoping to reunite a woman with two lost rings, one of which is said to contain her son's ashes.

According to a post on Facebook, Southlake Police said the woman reported losing the rings at about 2:30 p.m. on Feb. 18 while parked in a parking garage at Southlake Town Square.

The woman said she was headed into Trader Joe's and had parked about five spots from the entrance on the west side of the top deck. Before heading into the store the woman said she took off her rings and put them in a shirt pocket so that she could lotion on her hands.

Moments later, while walking through the store with her sister, she realized the rings were no longer in her pocket. She went back to her car and found one of her rings on the ground and realized they had fallen out of her pocket when she got out of the car.

The woman continued to look for her rings but even with the help of store employees, the missing rings were nowhere to be found.

Southlake Police said the rings were described as a custom 7/8th Marquis diamond in the center and two trillion-shaped (triangle) diamonds on the side with a yellow gold band. The second ring was a 1.5-carat Marquis solitaire ring that, complete with the band and the setting, it's 3.5 carats.

"While the value of the rings is obviously important, she’s most heartbroken about the smaller ring pictured because it contains her son's ashes," police said.

While searching, the woman was approached by a person who asked if they were looking for something. The person told her they saw an older couple stop a car from backing up so that the man could pick up something near the car.

Police said surveillance cameras weren't pointed at the car and they were not able to see who may have picked up the rings.

Southlake DPS would love to help reunite the woman with her property. If you've found them or know anything about them, they'd love to speak with you and have the rings returned, no questions asked.

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