Southern Gateway Project to Feature Free Express Lanes, Easy Access

Relief is on the way for drivers in southern Dallas County, as construction begins on the long-awaited Southern Gateway Project.

“It truly will be a new gateway to Dallas,” said Texas Department of Transportation spokesperson Donna Huerta Simmons.

The $666 million project will add a main lane in each direction for 11 miles along 1-35 and Highway 67, from Downtown Dallas to 1-20.

In addition, the current HOV lanes there will be replaced with reversible express lanes – which anyone will be able to use without paying a toll.

“The thing that makes it an express lane is that we are eliminating some of the entry and exit points so that it truly is an express lane,” said Huerta Simmons.

Once complete, Cedar Hill Mayor Rob Franke predicts the three year project will drive further growth in southern Dallas County.

“You start seeing new opportunities because people can get to their businesses, they can establish their businesses here, and you start seeing this draw from a regional level,” said Mayor Franke.

A current downtown resident, TxDOT’s Huerta Simmons is now planning to move south of 1-20.

“I know what this road improvement is going to do for commutes to Dallas,” said Huerta Simmons. “The economic impact overall for southern Dallas County is going to be tremendous from the Southern Gateway Project.”

There will be two express lanes along the section of 1-35 included in the project, and one express lane along Highway 67.

The project is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2021.

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