North Texas

Post Malone Arranges Giveaway at His Former Job in Southlake

Post Malone gave his new Post Malone X Crocs to employees at his former place of work

Getty Images/Chicken Express

Employees and customers at a Chicken Express in North Texas will receive a special treat from a famous former employee Wednesday morning.

Post Malone coordinated a surprise for customers and employees at his former place of work, the Chicken Express located at 2120 E. State Highway 114 in Southlake.

Fans and employees will receive the new Post Malone Crocs starting at 10:30 a.m.

Post Malone and his family moved to Grapevine, TX when he was nine years old. He worked at the Chicken Express in South Lake as a teenager.

Post Malone's Post Malone X Crocs were released in Nov. 2018. According to the Dallas Morning News, the shoes sold out the same day they went on sale.

The new edition of Post Malone X Crocs will be released on Dec. 10.

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