Sour Note Over Swine Flu

Plano ISD cancels annual band trip.

There is not a lot of harmony these days between Plano ISD and members of the Plano Senior High School band.  Just 20 hours before the band planned to board buses and travel to Corpus Christi for their annual end of school year trip and competition, the school district called it off because of swine flu fears. "I think a lot of us felt it was just unfair," said Senior Linnea Coveney,"this is our big reward for working hard all year."

Band members did not just work on their music, they sold cookies and many worked odd jobs to raise the money along with boosters for the deposits on transportation, hotels, and entertainment.  The money is now lost, just like their chances of rescheduling the trip.

For seniors, this final note is a sour one,"this is my last time to be in a band, my last time to play the trumpet, my last time I'll be in a contest ever," said Jason Deutsch.

The decision to cancel the trip came after Plano ISD closed Wilson Middle School after a 14 year old student there contracted the swine flu.  Band members say they know math and that's a grand total of 1 student in the entire district impacted by the virus. "Give us a waiver to sign saying I under the consequences fo the trip if I get sick," said Deutsch.   Another student, Ben Barishman, went a step further, "for the number of people going on the trip," said Barishman, "it's more likely that one of them would have died crossing the street than one of them would have got swine flu."

Seniors say they still have a few performances left this year, a banquet and if they have it their way, a local celebration for band members, provided the policy on public gatherings doesn't prohibit them from getting together as a group. 

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