Son of NFL Legend, Don Meredith, Produces Cowboys Documentary

Michael said he hopes to have a watch party right after the Cowboys win this year's Super Bowl

A new documentary on the Dallas Cowboys, called "The First Cowboy," will explore the impact the team had on North Texas in the 1960s.

It's being written, produced and directed by Michael Meredith, son of legendary Cowboys great Don Meredith.

Meredith spoke glowingly about his father in an interview with NBC 5.

"He was a dad, just a buddy and a dad, and it wasn't an act that he put on," Meredith said. "[He was] genuinely interested in everyone from the owner to a janitor. And I've always been impressed and proud."

A big part of the film will cover the role the cowboys played in helping the city of Dallas heal after the assassination of President Kennedy. While leaders looked at a lot of ways to change the city's image, it somehow always came back to the team.

"At some point everyone decided that it was the Cowboys that were going to do it, and it was the Cowboys winning," Meredith recalled. "And a lot of the players have confirmed this. They would tell me that if they lost on Sunday they didn't want to leave the house, because they felt the city's pain. So, every loss hurt more, every win meant more."

Micheal also said he thinks he discovered when the true birth of Cowboys Nation happened. And it was right after a historic loss: The Ice Bowl.

"The story most people don't know is that after the team returned to Dallas for the first time the fans were at the airport celebrating holding signs saying, 'we love you', 'we'll get 'em next year,' 'great job.' But my theory is that might have been the beginning of Cowboys pride and the birth of Cowboys Nation as we know it now."

There will be a ceremony prior to one of the Cowboys home games this season to celebrate those early teams. Michael said he hopes to have a watch party right after the Cowboys win this season's Super Bowl.

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