Jack Highberger

Son of Murdered Dallas Woman Hopes For Change

79-year-old Gloria Roque was sitting in her home last week when she was shot and killed. The motivation, according to police remains unknown and there are no suspects.

Days later, her death is reigniting a conversation about gun violence in South Dallas and the social inequities some believe are driving crime.

"Whatever community you are in we are all in the same boat it's touching everybody now," Roque's son Keith Lee said.

On Monday, community members gathered to honor Roque. Among those to attend was District 7 Dallas City Councilman Adam Bazaldua.

"I believe we have to address the inequities in our city, the correlation between our high impoverished communities and high violent crime is too apparent to ignore," Bazaldua said.

Roque's son says her home has been hit by gunfire in the past and gun violence in her neighborhood has been an inescapable reality.

"It's frustration, frustration, what's happening to this country," Lee said in reference to gun violence.

His mother's death he now hopes will help spark a conversation about how to make her neighborhood safer and confront the issues beneath it all.

"If something good can come out of my mom passing, being the community person she was, I can live with that," Lee said.

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