#SomethingGood: Preschoolers Learn From Mother Duck and Ducklings Living on Playground

A mama duck and her ducklings who briefly called a playground home made an impact on Wylie preschoolers by simply living life with an audience.

The mallard duck, which the school named Daisy, strolled onto the playground at Bearfoot Lodge Preschool and made herself right at home.

In March, she laid eggs right on the school playground. The school put up a barrier and installed some cameras so they could keep an eye on them.

Every morning she would nest under the playground looking for food.

The school turned this into a learning experience. Kids kept journals and learned about the life cycle of ducks -- all the way up until they hatched.

Daisy's ducklings hatched last Monday and the preschoolers got to experience the special moment when they left the nest with Daisy.

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