#SomethingGood: Jewelry Line Funds Passion Projects

Women love jewelry, and there can be added value when the jewelry comes with a story.

That's the case with a brand called Go Rings.

It's based in Austin, yet it's beginning is in Fort Worth.

Darci Huff and friend Dru McIlhenny were students at Texas Christian University. Darci had big plans after graduation: an 11-month, 11-country mission trip. Money was the obstacle in her path.

She was intimated by asking family and friends to support her, but then she got creative.

"I started making these rings out of 11 loops for 11 countries I was going to and seven bindings for the seven teammates and as a way for people to remember me while I was gone and fundraise at the same time. And the rings got me exactly where I wanted to go," she said.

While Darci followed her heart, Dru kept the business going.

Go rings evolved into a charitable fashion brand - a line of dainty gold jewelry with its own mission.

"So, seven years later, we help others raise money to do go good. Whether that's something I did like a mission trip or an internship with a nonprofit, something they're passionate about that helps their community," she explained. "We team up with different individuals and organizations every month, and every sale made in their name, 30% goes to them."

Cause-driven individuals and organizations use Go Rings a fundraising tool for a month. Dari calls it "classy fundraising."

And with those funds, others are empowered to empowering others to do good.

Darci now lives in Denver, and her partner is in Austin where the business is based. Several retailers in North Texas carry the Go Rings line.

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