#SomethingGood: Birdville ISD Teacher Launches Book Drive

Morgan Martinez Ramos will soon start her seventh year teaching reading and writing to third graders in the Birdville Independent School District.

"This is my favorite time of year — the beginning. It's fun. It's a fresh start," she smiled. "You get excited for a fresh batch of kids to influence."

Ramos has already put her influence into action through a post on her Facebook page. It asks friends to buy a book for a student and include a motivational message.

"Just pick a number that calls to you for whatever reason, and I'll match that number to a kid that you don't know but that you could purchase a book for that student and write them an encouraging note inside that would be greeting them on the first day of school," she explained.

Books specifically for her third graders and notes that read, "have a great first day. You're gonna rock this school year!" inspired last year's class. Already, Ramos can see it happening again as books start to come in for her new class.

She posted her request on July 8, and again, discovered an overwhelming response.

"This is a book I just got in the mail yesterday," she said. "I opened the first one to find her note, and it says, 'hope you have a great year. Third grade is the best because of everything you learn. Enjoy this amazing book. It's one of my absolute favorites. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Signed, a special friend.'"

That note will end up in the hands of one of students.

"So, when they see that, they get really excited that that's just for them. And they'll go, you'll see them say, 'oh, look at my note!'" Ramos said.

The note she posted on social media has brought in books from across the country.

"I went to a few years of my elementary school in Maryland and my teacher there signed up," she said.

And there was this random meet up in Houston.

"A couple of days ago there were two women in Houston at the same book store. They don't know each other but got to talking and asking for help about the kind of books 3rd graders would like," Ramos smiled. It turns out those third graders were hers back in Haltom City.

"For me, it shows me there's so many good people out there and so many who are willing to help you start a project," Ramos said as she talked about the lessons she'll now pass on to her students.

"For me, it's more than just academics in our classroom. It's kindness. It's becoming a good citizen. So, when they see other people are doing that for them, they want to do it for other kids, too," she said. "A book is a story, but it has a lot of stories behind it."

And, for her third graders at David Smith Elementary, it means more stories still to tell as they start a new school year next month.

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