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#SomethingGood : 5-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Helps Raise $1K for Children's Hospital

Faith Breeding, 5, has been beating the odds since the moment she came into the world.

"She was premature," said her grandfather Mark Dempsey. "She made it through and then at her one-year checkup, they found that she had neuroblastoma."

Neuroblastoma is a kind of cancer that most commonly affects children ages five or younger. It develops from immature nerve cells found in several areas of the body. Even though it can be cured with surgery and/or chemotherapy, often, the cancer is so aggressive none of those options work.

"[Faith] underwent two rounds of chemo and a four-hour surgery to remove the softball size tumor from her body. She has been declared 'no evidence of disease' since the surgery that was done when she was 18-months old," said Faith's mother Camri Breeding.

In Faith’s case, they absolutely did.

"She’s a walking miracle," Dempsey said.

Her sister Brynn, 7, wanted to do something for the hospital that did so much for her sister. Brynn, her sister Faith and their friend Corleigh got together and started working on an arts and crafts project.

"They were playing together making crafts and decided that they wanted to sell their art and donate the money to Children's where Faith spent quite a bit of time when she was going through treatment for her cancer," Breeding said.

They sold those crafts, raising $1,040 for Children's Medical Center Dallas.

Faith is now symptom free and going to kindergarten… and that is something good!

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