101-Year-Old State Fair of Texas Volunteer Celebrates 25 Years

Rose Landin, like so many, is excited about the State Fair of Texas.

This will be Rose's 25th year working at the iconic fair, but Ms. Landin has something else to celebrate. She is also the, shall we say, most seasoned worker at the fair at 101-years-young.

"I've been so bored staying at home, but I am going to perk up a little bit now that I am coming out here [at the fair]," Ms. Landin said.

After she retired, she said she needed something exciting to do.

"I just love to come out here and see the people," Landin said. "And it’s so interesting because you see all kinds of people."

Up until recently, Ms. Landin would even take DART to her volunteer job at the State Fair of Texas.

"It’s wonderful! It’s good to keep going! I walk, I get out, why not?! I’m not sick and I won’t get sick. I hope I don’t, so I enjoy it," Landin said.

Landin hands out the pamphlets and maps for the State Fair of Texas. She shows people how to get around. She even points out the places they would like to visit first.

"When they come in, the first thing they ask is where is the restroom?" Ms. Landin said.

She said this year she will be working from 9a to 2p, which is a little different from last year.

"They cut my hours," Ms. Landin laughed.

She said she will help in any way she can, but she is hoping for a little help from a higher power as well.

"God hear me. No rain!" Landin said. "We had one year where we only had one day of rain, so I hope that we have good weather this time."

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