What It's Like Turning 100 During a Pandemic

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Woodrow Wilson was the President of the United States. A half-gallon of milk was about $0.33 and Ms. Elizabeth Chartier was born on May 1, 1920.

The COVID-19 crisis canceled her 100th birthday bash, but that didn’t dim her sunshine.

“I feel just the same,” Chartier said. “I feel good. I feel very happy for where I am at and I have no problems.”

She said she has lived a life full of smiling, laughing and love for others.

“You just have to remember to play the game fair. That was my motto since high school,” Chartier said.

Chartier is the eldest of 12 and the mother of three.

Her secret to long life has a few simple components. She works on crossword puzzles to keep her mind sharp and tries to live a healthy lifestyle.

“I do believe you are what you eat,” Chartier said. “That’s very important and so is exercises. I work out twice a week. I drink lots of water and I have a glass of wine a day. Sometimes I have just a little Bailey’s [Irish cream].”

She couldn’t get through the interview without talking about the love of her life. She was married to Emile Chartier, Jr. for 54 years. To her, he was her Jack.

While her celebration of one hundred trips around the sun will be different this year, she said she is just thankful to be alive and wanted all of us to hear the rule she has lived by her entire life.

“Do unto others as you want them to do unto you. That’s the rule,” Chartier said.

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