Virtual Volunteering Connects Employees to Community

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At a time when a global pandemic is forcing all of us to do less in some areas, one company is helping its North Texas employees do more - do more of something good, that is.

Charles Schwab just launched Community 2020.

It's a virtual volunteering and giving program that employees can do from home and that includes those based at the company's campus in Westlake in Tarrant County.

"Regardless of where employees are working, they now have opportunities to engage in projects that fit their schedules, skillsets, and interests while staying safe and responding to evolving community needs," the company said in a news release.

A spokesperson says last week, 63 Westlake interns hosted a virtual volunteer event to teach Boys and Girls Clubs of Dallas club members how to create a budget. The students had to plan and budget for a hypothetical vacation that included pricing destinations, travel and accommodations, onsite activities, and souvenirs. The event wrapped up with a discussion about the importance of saving and planning.

Schwab curated hundreds of virtual volunteer opportunities for employees.

It's also matching employee contributions 2-to-1 for donations made to nonprofit organizations.

"Schwab’s culture of service is deeply embedded in our company’s purpose and values, so we wanted to find new opportunities for our employees to serve in meaningful ways that are hyper-responsive to the rapidly changing nonprofit and community needs, while also recognizing that our employees’ lives had dramatically changed by working from home and managing family responsibilities," Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, President of Charles Schwab Foundation, said in a news release.

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