Keller ISD

Virtual Prom Gives Keller ISD Children a Night to Remember

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Kids are doing what they can to find something good in this interrupted school year.

And in the Keller ISD, students pulled together to have prom!

The virtual prom for special needs students happened last Saturday night.

Letitia Smiley, a teacher and job coach in the Special Education Department at Timber Creek High School, tells NBC 5 it all started when she ran into one of her students and had to let him know there would no be prom this year due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Smiley suggested that at 7 p.m. on Saturday, March 28, the night the prom was scheduled to happen, he should turn up the music at home and dance. She told the student she would "put it on my schedule to dance at the very same time. Who would have thought this meeting in the community would have given way to coordinating a virtual prom?"

The idea caught on and almost 80 kids connected by video conference for an online dance party.

A group called Falcon Friends jumped in to get together a playlist.

An assistant principal got out his leopard print tux/suit for the big occasion. And together, they all made it a night to remember just as prom should be.

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