UT Arlington Students Caring for Campus Cats

The Campus Cat Coalition of UTA is making a difference in the cat population that calls the campus home

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We have a "purrfect" example of people doing something good in North Texas.

A population of wandering cats at a local university has turned into a labor of love, thanks to a group of dedicated college students.

The Campus Cat Coalition at UT Arlington is a nonprofit that cares for a colony of about 100 cats that call the campus their home.

Volunteers keep a regular feeding schedule, provide medical care and place friendly felines and kittens into foster and permanent homes.

To help ease the burden off of already overwhelmed local shelters, the coalition also conducts a humane method called TNR, or "Trap, Neuter and Release," on the kitties to keep the population under control.

Many of the resident cats are given special names like Microwave, Riley and Oreo.

For the students, their meaningful work has made life on campus during the pandemic a little less lonely.

"It was connecting with other people through the cats. So the cats bring caring people together and it brings the UTA spirit together,” said Riley Wiland, press secretary for the Cats Coalition of UTA. "I do it because I think the respect that I have for humans and pets, and especially animals, is the same."

The coalition works with local veterinarians but the students cover all of the costs. Thanks to donations, they're able to keep their mission going. They are always in need of donations of food and other supplies.

Right now, they’re in dire need of foster volunteers. Click here to fill out a foster form.

They also need any cat moms or dads out there to adopt several adorable kittens and cats.

If you would like to help, just visit

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