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Thousand-Book Donation Made Possible Through Lewisville High School Student's Efforts

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A high school junior from Lewisville is doing something good in the name of literacy.

Clay Tarver, a student at Founders Classical Academy, decided to collect as many books as he could for people in the community who needed them.

“Reading is so important for learning to write and to analyze information and to form your own opinions in life,” Tarver said. “I know that it was for sure a stepping-stone for me and I just wanted to help other kids have more opportunities like that.”

Tarver was able to collect a little more than 1,000 books through neighborhood book drives. He then donated those books to Book Drive for Kids, a local grassroots organization who love getting books in the hands of children.

 “I love what Book Drive for Kids is doing for underprivileged children. Back when I was in elementary school, reading was one of my favorite things to do and I can’t imagine what it would be like to grow up in a house without books. I think they’re doing a great work by providing books to these kids to read at home.”

It was a donation that Michelle Cook with Book Drive for Kids appreciated.

"Book Drive for Kids is on a mission to get books into the hearts and homes of children, especially in homes where a book purchase is a luxury purchase.  Many of the children we interact with have few, if any, books at home. We often are asked, 'Do I get to keep this book forever and ever?'  I am so happy to say 'YES' that because of generous book donation drive organizers and donors like Clay Tarver."

She said she just hopes that his kindness prompts others to act as well.

“A book builds a bridge across race, age, economic status, and education levels. If you and I have read the same book, we instantly have a connection - something to talk about together.  Books foster understanding, knowledge, curiosity, and empathy plus they are just plain fun," Tarver.

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