Stuck in the House? Workout Ideas When You Can't Go To the Gym

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It’s a time where many people are trying to get creative on how they live their daily lives. The coronavirus now has people social distancing, working from home and some gyms closing their doors until the outbreak slows down.

D’Juan Woods, North Texas certified trainer, said this is not the time to stop working out, but a great time to do some workouts at home. Workouts that don’t use any equipment and you can incorporate the entire family into.

“Exercise helps strengthen the lymphatic system. That’s where our immune cells circulate and lowers levels of stress hormones. Effectively managing stress levels keeps our immune system running strong,” Woods said.

He also encourages his clients to continue working out, because there are several benefits.

“Dehydration can impair your immune system. Keeping your body’s pH balance high and more alkaline helps your body naturally eliminate toxins and other bacteria that may cause illness,” Woods said.

Here are a few exercises from the Ultimate Athlete Bootcamp in home Sports Fitness Program Woods creates. Many of the workouts can be found on his Instagram page, with new workouts added all the time. There are eight exercises in this particular workout. Complete each exercise one after the other: 

  1. Knee breakers Rt & Lt 
  2. Squat Jumps 
  3. Lateral 1,2 in 1,2 out 
  4. Alt High Knee Marches (mini band)
  5. Mountain Climbers (glide disc) 
  6. Lateral step / Super Jack (mini band)
  7. Plank ups / Knee Tuck
  8. Lateral 1,2 in 1,2 out / Linear Front Stick   

Beginners - 30 seconds work, then 30 second recovery; Intermediate - 45 seconds work then 30 seconds recovery; Elite - 60 seconds work then 30 seconds recovery

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