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#SomethingGood: Texas Marine Veteran Gives Back to Wounded Veterans

There are more than 250 steps in the boot making process and it takes about 48 hours to finish each pair

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Sarah Ford wears many hats. She is a Marine Corps veteran, the spouse of an active duty Marine, a Harvard graduate and what she calls a “mompreneur.”

Ford has served two tours overseas -- one in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. When she returned, she knew there was something she wanted to do. Not just for herself, but to honor her grandfather.  

“I grew up in West Texas. My grandfather was a cowboy there in the '30s-'40s and he is a huge source of inspiration for me," she said. "He's the one who taught me how to rock a solid pair of boots."

“My heritage was a big inspiration and where my love of boots stems from. From a business perspective, I noticed there were a lot of cheaply made boots in the market for under $200 and a lot of beautiful luxury designer boots that retailed for over $800, and that they both looked more or less the same. I wanted to make clean, forward and classically designed boots that would sell differently from what is out there.”  

She’s talking about her company Ranch Road Boots she founded in 2012. She said it's not just a company dedicated to producing a good product, but also one geared towards social responsibility.  

“We donate a portion of annual sales to the Semper Fi Fund, which helps injured veterans from all branches of service, rehabilitate and transition into civilian life through the organization’s various programs. Our contributions fund a mix of needs across these areas. As a former Marine, and as a spouse married to an active duty Marine, this is a cause very dear to my heart,” Ford said.

There are more than 250 steps in the boot making process and it takes about 48 hours to finish each pair.

“People buy Ranch Road Boots for style and quality. The fact that it's owned by a veteran entrepreneur from San Angelo, Texas, is the icing on the cake," she said. "As with every aspect of my life, I work hard and want to be proud of my product and service. I want people to feel like they got more than they paid for when they slip on a pair of Ranch Road Boots."

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