#SomethingGood: NBC 5 Photographer Donates Hair for Children in Need

NBCUniversal, Inc.

We love highlighting your stories of people in your communities doing something good. This time, we wanted to highlight one of our own. Robin Carter, special projects photographer with NBC 5, donated 7 inches of her hair she had been growing for the last three years.

Carter made that donation to Children With Hair Loss. It’s a Michigan nonprofit that makes wigs available for children who don’t have the money to pay for one. These are children who have lost their hair due to illness or rare disorders.

“We are put on this earth to help others, so one of the ways I can help others is to donate my hair,” Carter said. “ I really want others to be inspired to donate their own hair.  You only need 8 inches for a minimum donation.”

Originally, CWHL’s focus was on children fighting cancer, until they found out there were a lot of other reasons why children lost hair including Alopecia, burns, Trichotillomania and other rare diseases and disorders.

To this day, Children With Hair Loss has never charged a child.

Currently, they provide a customized human hair replacement and care kit to over 300 children a year!

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