Mesquite ISD Takes Unique Approach to P.E. Class

Elementary schools in Mesquite are coming up with innovative ways to help kindergarten through second graders both move and learn in PE class.

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What did you do during P.E. class in elementary school?

Mesquite ISD is doing something fun and unique to get kids excited about moving!

Elementary schools in the district are coming up with innovative ways to help kindergarten through second graders both move and learn in PE class.

Teachers say there was a major need for students at that age to learn more letters, words and numbers.

"I think it's good," said Amanda Williams, a teacher at Florence Elementary School. "Sitting still is even difficult for me. This is something where the kids don't even know they're learning something."

Numeracy And Literacy In PE

MISD PE teachers support classroom content while keeping kids fit and healthy! This video features eight elementary schools with kids between kinder and second grade demonstrating good fitness habits can be fun.

Posted by Mesquite ISD on Friday, February 21, 2020

So what better way than to use the gym -- the most flexible classroom in the building! Teachers are coming up with interactive games, puzzles and exercises to help kids learn their letters, numbers and words through movements and exercise.

"I have a hoolahoop and a white bucket. And in that bucket, I have written down three words -- and right now, I have about 9,000 to 11,000 tiles. What they're going to do is take turns going back and forth to spell their word," said teacher Sherolyn Spain of Thompson Elementary School.

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Other schools are incorporating multiplication and counting in their warm ups and stretches.

"The brain stimulation is coming from the heart pumping, the blood's going through the body. And you're actually more alert when you are moving physically. Therefore, you are going to absorb more, be alert more, be aware," said Tess Bragg, PE teacher at Galloway Elementary.

Kudos to the talented team at Mesquite ISD for capturing these kids in action!

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