Fort Worth

#SomethingGood: Friendship Found in McDonald's Drive-Thru Lane

Who knew the drive-thru at a McDonald’s in Fort Worth would be the place where third-grader Nathan Garner would find a new friend?

“Nathan gets a cheeseburger at McDonald's more than we even care to admit,” wrote his mother, Lindsey Garner.

While 8-year-old Nathan’s tastebuds may tell him it’s the best burger on the planet, his heart tells him it comes with a side of affection from a woman he fondly calls "Ms. Chantel."

“By now, she knows Nathan's voice (he always orders). For more than 2 years, when we pull up, he rolls down his window and yells "Hello!?" and Ms Chantel answers. 'Is that my friend?' And then he orders his burger,” Garner wrote in a post on Facebook.

Chantel is always ready with a smile and a high five, and Nathan looks forward to seeing her. The family wanted Chantel to know “she has become part of our 'village,'" Lindsey Garner said.

So, just before the holidays, mother and son went shopping, then delivered a gift, handpicked by Nathan, to Chantel. In the card that accompanied the gift, Nathan wrote, “Ms. Chantel, thank you for being my friend. Merry Christmas. Love, Nathan.”

“The world would be a better place if there were more friendships like this,” his mother said.

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