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Something Good? More Like Something Sweet!

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One Midlothian teenager's school project is now available on shelves across the state. Madelyn Dodd was tasked with submitting an idea to a company, that would help a company enhance its product line.

She pitched a summer time ice cream flavor, strawberry lemonade, to Blue Bell. And they bit!

The middle schooler received a letter from the CEO Ricky Dickson himself, thanking her for the idea.

In the letter, Dickson wrote that he would "pass [her] suggestion along to [their] Research & Development team for their consideration."

That was in April. Then late last month, her dream flavor hit the shelves. Just in time for summer!

If you're wondering what it tastes like, one word comes to mind, summer.

Blue bell says the flavor is a combination of strawberry ice cream swirled with lemonade sherbert, and sprinkled with lemon flavored flakes.

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