Signs of the Times: A North Texas Company Lifting Spirits With Yard Greetings

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It’s a real SIGN of the times. A local small business owner has found a way for people to celebrate milestones at a social distance.

It’s called Dallas Yard Greetings and is owned by Leslie Hilberth.

“I find it very rewarding to know that you are going to wake up with a smile and the whole block knows that it’s your special day,” Hilberth said.

Dallas Yard Greetings
Courtesy Dallas Yard Greetings

She said her business has kicked into high gear since the pandemic began.

“This pandemic has significantly increased my installations each evening,” Hilberth said. “[I used to do] five to six a night, that was the norm. Now, I average more than 13 a night.”

Dallas Yard Greetings
Courtesy Dallas Yard Greetings

When the business opened six years ago, she never imagined she would be so busy, but she said it has been nothing but rewarding.

“I love that every yard greeting has a great story. I live for it. I follow up with each customer the next day to get a picture of the birthday recipient and hear how I made their day,” Hilberth said. “A favorite that stands out is once a daughter bought her dad a birthday yard greeting that read: HONK! Tony is 94 today! The daughter told me that he sat in his rocking chair all day with a notepad tallying up the honks, by 1:00 he was up over a hundred honks! Happiness is contagious and if my sign makes someone happy, then I am only that much more happy. Especially in times like these.”

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