Siblings Share Message of Love

At-home school project inspires Arlington residents

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Nolie Richardson, 8, and brother Reid, 6, have a message for their neighbors in Arlington and everyone now living in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Since everyone is rushing around and trying to get toilet paper and food, just, we wanted to remind them to love one another from six feet apart,” Reid said.

That message to "Love One Another" is spelled out in brightly-colored chalk paint and written on the plywood fence in the Richardson family's yard. 

“We wanted to do something for school, so we did science and art. The science was, we grated chalk with a cheese grater, and then we mixed it with a little bit of water and then we made paint. And we painted our fence,” said Nolie. 

“We just wanted to paint it to see if we could bring some joy to people because a lot of people in our neighborhood are going on walks,” Reid said.

Photos: Siblings Share Message of Love

As the siblings thought about what they would paint to bring joy, the answer was easy - Love One Another. What started out as a learning project has now become a message of inspiration in the Richardsons' neighborhood and to hundreds who’ve seen it and liked it on the City of Arlington’s Facebook page. 

City of Arlington shares Richardson siblings' message of Love One Another on Facebook.

“It’s important right now because of the coronavirus. People are rushing to get food and toilet paper, but they’re forgetting to love another,” Nolie said. “Just from six feet apart,” added Reid.

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