Plano 14-Year-Old Helps Save Grandmother's Business

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A 14-year-old in Plano has done something good to save her grandmother’s business.

Like many small businesses in North Texas, the pandemic was going to force Paint ‘N Party to close permanently. The preparations for that had already started with messaging on their website that their days were numbered.

Emily Conn had an idea that would save the day and she shared it with her grandmother to save the instructor-led art studio.

“I realized that Paint ‘N Party might close and it’s been opening since I was born. I didn’t want it to close down, so I thought we could do paint and take kits,” Emily said.

It wasn’t just the idea of pack-and-go painting kits that got her grandmother’s attention. It was also the idea of using social media as a free advertisement to get the word out about the business.

“I barely can use my cell phone,” Terri Conn said. “So I would take the pictures and she would put them on her chrome book and then add the prices and put them on Facebook for me.”

Emily started working on the struggling business’s online presence and Terri said before she knew it, they were reinvented and back up and running.

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