Parker County

People, Faith Groups Help Flooded Church in Parker County

The sprinkler system froze and burst last week inside the New River Fellowship Church in Hudson Oaks

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The deep freeze that settled into North Texas last week made for a multitude of problems for millions who were left in the dark, in the cold, and without water.

But the staff at New River Fellowship Church in Hudson Oaks learned the hard way that something good can happen when things go bad.

Frozen water in the pipes set off the sprinkler system inside of the Parker County church, flooding about 80% of the building, according to lead pastor Joey Willis.

Faced with a seemingly unmovable amount of water, New River Fellowship was soon inundated with unsolicited offers of assistance from other faith groups in the area.

“Joey and I literally did not have to reach out to anyone,” said Erica Willis, the lead pastor’s wife. “We were bombarded with texts, emails, phone calls. We are friends with a lot of local pastors, and the first thing they asked was, ‘How can we help? We will get our people together. What is it that you need?’”

The Willis’ said dozens of people arrived at the church by the weekend, many of them strangers, with squeegees and other tools meant to help get the water up.

“And many people just came and showed up to help,” Joey Willis said. “When you are in the midst of a crisis, it is really hard to wrap your brain around what you really need in the moment. So, it is just amazing to see so many other people show up and just come to be here.”

The Willis’ credited representatives of Neon Life Church, Myriad Church, Convergence Church, First Baptist of Weatherford, and First United Methodist of Weatherford for helping out, and said that High Ridge Church even offered the use of their building for New River Fellowship to hold their services if need be.

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