North Texas Veteran Turns 100 on Veterans Day

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The Garland community celebrated a special Veteran ahead of Veterans Day.

Ret. Col. Glen Francis was born on Nov. 11, 1920. He has lived through 19 U.S. presidents, served in the Air Force through World War II, the Korean and Vietnam wars, and had a 41-year career in the military.

The community wanted to honor Francis, but they had to do it safely during the pandemic. So, they held a drive-by birthday parade in his honor.

Francis and his wife eat dinner at Main Street Café on the square in downtown Garland every Saturday night. The owner of the restaurant put out a call on social media asking folks to take part in the parade and to send the birthday boy birthday cards. And the community came through. 

The community support didn’t just stop at the parade, though. He also received 100 birthday cards to celebrate the occasion.

Even on his 100th birthday, he is sharing wisdom with others.

“You’ve got to believe in God,” Francis said. “You’ve got to believe in country. And you’ve got to believe in yourself.  My high school teacher wrote on the board and said children remember, “without virtue, there cannot be truth, without truth there can be no other virtues.”

So what’s the secret to making it to 100 years old?

“Not worrying about it. If you worry about making to another holiday it ain’t gonna happen. Something will happen to change your mind. Just live life as it comes to you. But live it to its fullest. And don’t back away from any problem,” Francis said.

Francis said he is moving a little slower these days but doesn’t feel a day over 90!

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