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North Texas Girls Challenged to Solve Real-World Problems During Science Competition

Dallas-based Young Women's Preparatory Network hosts competition for 10 all-girls schools

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Northpark Center in Dallas was the site of #SomethingGood as it once again hosted a science competition.

All-girls teams from middle and high schools across Texas accepted the challenge of finding solutions to reduce waste. There were ideas about reducing electrical, food and water waste.

The girls were definitely in it to win it but there was a spirit of support between the teams.

The ten schools that competed are all members of the Dallas-based Young Women's Preparatory Network. The nonprofit partners with school districts to open public all-girls schools across the state. YWPN has schools in Aldine, Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Houston, Lubbock, Midland and San Antonio.

Science, technology, engineering, art and math or STEAM is a big focus in all the schools. And the annual YWPN STEAM Challenge lets the girls put their knowledge to the test to address real world issues.

"And so how are we solving for this generation's problems and problems going forward? And it's so exciting for me to see the creativity and a lot of these things I tell you are commercially viable products. And so, you know, I'd love to see some of this stuff scale and become, you know, commercial options," said YWPN CEO Lynn McBee.

Shoppers voted for their favorites with ballots that cost a dollar. Judges were on hand, too. Here's the list of winners:

High School
1st Place- ALAS, The Eco Pad, San Antonio
2nd Place- Team Reinventive, Polemical Marine, Grand Prairie
3rd Place- The Brainiacs, Claire vs. Blade Waste, Lubbock

Middle School
1st Place- The Growmore Girls, Boxes to Plants, Ysleta (El Paso)
2nd Place- The Navy Jackets, Microplastics Minimizer, Midland
3rd Place- Bluebonnet Engineers, SEE Farming, Austin

Peoples’ Choice Award
High School: Persistent Panthers, Dallas
Middle School: Navy Jackets, Midland

Peer to Peer Middle School
Dream Works, New Looks for Wood, Grand Prairie

Peer to Peer High School
Team Reinventive, Polemical Marine, Grand Prairie

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