North Texas Couple Plans Wedding on Leap Day for a Memorable Anniversary Date

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Leap Day only comes every four years, so bride-to-be Jennifer Keto wanted to take advantage of it.

"We've been engaged for three years, just waiting for the perfect day. How many times does Leap Day fall on a Saturday?" Keto smiled.

Keto and her groom-to-be will marry on Saturday, Feb. 29 in Grapevine.

Keto pranced around Main Street lunch spot Mason and Dixie Thursday afternoon wearing a sash that read, "Here comes the Brod". Brod is  shortened version of her groom's name Samuel Brodner.

The bigger story was why she picked Leap Day as her wedding day.

"We've had an unusual relationship and history, so why not continue it and it seemed like a special day that hopefully, he will never forget. He's got every four years to remember," joked Keto.

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