North Texan on a Mission to Maintain Positive Energy During Pandemic

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We all need a good boost of positive energy to start the day -- some of us now, more than ever. One North Texan is on a mission to maintain that energy level, as many people struggle during an ongoing pandemic. In fact, he’s made it his brand, and it's something good.

Le'Nard Meyers, known by his close friends and more than 24,000 social media followers as Nardi, has used his platform to promote positive energy and a positive mindset. A mental health check, if you will.

He started doing daily check-ins by saying two simple words: "Energy Check," and he had no idea what impact those words would have.

Nardi recently did a pop event in Dallas, promoting what he's become popular for, and reminding people they’re not alone. The former NFL hopeful is no stranger to hard times.   

“I just went online, did an energy check to spread the positivity to give people like an energy boost, said Le'Nard “Nardi” Meyers. “I'm trying to give you a light, so it's like, he don't sleep, he's still full of energy, and he's still trying to find a way to bring positivity to people just from social media, like if you don't know me, you would know that each and every day, I'm positive 24/7.”   

Nardi says it's not just a façade, it's a lifestyle that he wants to promote as much as he can, especially during these trying times.          

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