Mesquite ISD Teacher Surprises Students With Art From the Heart

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There was a back to school surprise waiting on some students as they returned to in-person learning at Floyd Elementary School in the Mesquite Independent School District on Monday.

Teacher Julio Pena drew each one of his fourth-grade students and posted their portraits in the hall to welcome them back to class.

He posted a video of the art from the heart on Facebook while the kids were remote learning, but now that many of them are back in the classroom, they were able to see the pictures for themselves.

"The reason I created the drawings was to start something new to help make bonds with my students," Pena said. "I wanted to show my appreciation to them. I drew them over the course of four days. When the photos were shared on Facebook, many of the parents called me to thank me and say it made them happy. They told me when the students recognized themselves in my pictures, it made them feel great."

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