Local Teachers Visit Students While Social Distancing

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Millions of students across Texas are on extended breaks because of the coronavirus. It’s hard on everyone involved. It’s hard for the kids, as their school years have been unexpectedly interrupted. It’s hard for the teachers who work tirelessly to ensure their kids are learning, no matter what. It’s also hard for the parents, who are trying to help their kids virtually learn from home, as they are out of their classrooms indefinitely.

Teachers from Mesquite ISD and Forney ISD wanted to do something for their students. Showing them how much they were missed, but also that they can overcome anything.

Mrs. Hurtado, a teacher at Gray Elementary school in the Mesquite ISD drove through her students’ neighborhoods with a sign attached to her car that reads, “I miss you!” Their Facebook post has since gone viral with more than 25,000 shares.

Teachers from the Forney ISD’s Johnson Elementary did the same with their Parade of Cars.

Forney ISD teachers drive by students' homes to encourage them from afar. Courtesy: Kristin Zastoupil

“They stayed in their individual cars and families were able to wave from their home. The district’s core value is relationships first and is promoting the personal touch while their facilities are closed during COVID-19. Johnson Elementary staff is making sure that happens,” Kristin Zastoupil wrote in her submission to our Something Good campaign.

Some teachers in the Denton ISD had the same idea. The principal at McNail Elementary School lead their "staff parade."

Courtesy: Lacey Hailey, Denton ISD

"We are really missing our students during this time, and we held a staff parade in their neighborhoods," said Lacey Hailey.

Courtesy: Lacey Hailey , Denton ISD

"43 staff members loaded up in their cars for a staff parade at 4pm on Sunday! We were able to see many of our students, in their driveways at a safe distance, and give a small distraction to what’s going on in our world."

Courtesy: Lacey Hailey, Denton ISD

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